Live Stakes/Poles

Live stakes are excellent for use against storm erosion and for embankment erosion. Easy to plant and handle. Select from our wide variety or check for availability of any varieties not listed.
Minimum order is now 750.00
How Plant Bundles Work
Plants are sold in bundles with the smallest bundle being 5 and the largest 50. All prices shown are per plant, not per bundle. To find the cost of a bundle you must multiply the price shown for the plant times the number of plants that you want to purchase to determine your total price. Price breaks occur at the 50+, 100+, 500+, and 2500+ ranges meaning that you, the customer, receive a discount for each of these price breaks.

Example for Bundle of 10:
Bundle+: 2' Br Red Althea at $7.00 each = $70.00
50+: 2' Red Althea at $3.50 each = $175.00
500+: 2' Red Althea at $3.25 each = $1625.00
2500+: 2' Red Althea at $3.00 = $7500.00

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Acer-Maple: Live Stakes
Alnus-Alder: Live Stakes/Poles
Cephalanthus-Buttonbush: Live Stakes
Cornus-Dogwood: Live Stakes
Lindera-Spice Bush: Live Stakes
Physocarpus-Ninebark: Live Stakes
Platanus-Sycamore: Live Stakes
Populus: Live Stakes
Salix-Willow: Live Stakes
Sambucus-Elderberry: Live Stakes
Viburnum: Live Stakes
Records 1 to 11 of 11