About Us

Hillis Nursery Co. Inc. is a wholesale nursery that provides vigorous, healthy plants for the wholesale nursery trade.


  • Native Wildflowers & Ferns
  • Native Shrubs & Trees
  • Ground Covering Vines & Bulbs
  • Flowering Shrubs & Trees
  • Fruit & Nut Trees
  • Shade & Ornamental Trees
  • Live Stakes

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide strong performing, true-to-name plant varieties that help ensure our customers success as we work and grow together to promote the future of the nursery industry.  

Our Staff

  • Started in 1961 as a family business by Harold B. and Jeri Hillis, the nursery continues to operate as a family run business under the leadership of their son Dickey Hillis.
  • Our staff consists of dedicated individuals who endeavor to meet each and every customers needs from first contact all the way through shipping and receiving.

Our Facilities

  • Greenhouse production consists of 60 houses with15 additional gutter houses
  • 300 acres of liner and field production
  • 4 irrigation lakes and drip irrigation on the production areas
  • 15,000 square feet of cold storage