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Please be aware that we are a WHOLESALE company only and require a minimum order of 750.00.

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Hillis Nursery Co. Inc. has been supplying the WHOLESALE nursery trade with healthy, vigorous plants for over 50 years. Our company is proud to offer customers bareroot plants featuring flowering trees & shrubs, native trees & shrubs, wildflowers, ferns, ground covers, vines, and fruit & nut trees, all in many different sizes to suit your every need. 

If you are looking for plants for reforestation projects, wetland plantings, or wildlife plots look no further. AND, if you are a garden center or pot and pot operation we carry finish bareroot plants for your containerizing needs to generate spring and early summer sales.

We no longer offer online ordering, but we will be happy to speak with you personally by phone, or take your order by fax or email.

Whether you are new to us, or a returning customer, please take some time to browse our wide selection of bareroot products. Just click on one of the Product links. It's that easy! 


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